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Jeff Burdges

Jeff Burdges is an applied cryptography researcher working with Web3 foundation, where he works on cryptography for decentralized and/or privacy preserving protocols.

Jeff's work often involves collaborative randomness, specialized signature schemes like verifiable random functions (VRFs) or anonymous credentials, and increasingly both zero-knowledge proofs and incentives or mechanism design using VRFs. He is also researching a peer-to-peer private messaging service that will use mix networks.

Jeff has ocasionally finds vulnerabilities, most recently the BIP32-Ed25519 proposal, but previously in blind signature deployments, and mix network designs, including broad limitations on the post-quantum kety exchanges suitable for mix networks.

Short Bio. Jeff previously worked on Taler and GNUNet as a postdoc for Christian Grothoff at Inria, Rennes, where he worked on anonymity protocols primarily mix networks, blind signatures, security proofs, distributed authentication, forward-secure ratchets, and pairing-based protocols. Jeff holds a PhD degree in Mathematics from Rutgers University in New Jersey.