Jonas Gehrlein


PGP Fingerprint: 16C2 2CBD 92E4 E7A1 7D79 D0D0 1F79 CDDC 0A5F FC5B

Jonas has joined the team of the Web3 Foundation at the beginning of July 2020 as a research scientist, where he will be working on economic questions regarding the Polkadot ecosystem. He will focus especially on the analysis and optimization of the interplay between human behavior with the protocol.

Short Biography: Before joining W3F, Jonas earned his Ph.D. in Behavioral and Experimental Economics from the University of Bern, where he investigated human behavior in markets and organizations. Before that, he obtained an MSc degree in Quantitative Economics at the University of Konstanz.

Selected Publications:

  • Gehrlein, J. (2019). Experimental evidence on human choices in organizations and markets (Doctoral dissertation, Universität Bern).

  • von Bieberstein, F., Gehrlein, J., & Güntner, A. (2020). Teamwork revisited: Social preferences and knowledge acquisition in the field. Journal of Business Economics, 1-24.

  • Gehrlein, J., Crede, AK. & Adrian, N. (2020). The impact of markets on moral reasoning: Evidence from an online experiment. Journal of Behavioral and Experimental Economics, 101577.

  • von Bieberstein, Frauke and Crede, Ann-Kathrin and Dietrich, Jan and Gehrlein, Jonas and Neumann, Oliver and Stürmer, Matthias, Otree: Implementing Websockets to Allow for Real-Time Interactions – a Continuous Double Auction Market as First Application (April 29, 2019). Available at SSRN: (Working Paper)