Alistair is going to attend the Standford Blockchain Conference 2020 and a co-located Polkadot meetup organized by Web3 Foundation.


Handan and Jeff attended Financial Crypto 2020 and presented their posters.


We published a medium blogpost on XCMP giving an overall overview of XCMP and descriping a number of design decisions.


We updated our XCMP implementation considerations.


Handan has finished a paper titled: Consensus on Clock in Universally Composable Timing Model. It is an updated version of Ouroboros Clepsydra that doesn’t rely on existence of some syncronized parties anymore.


Syed attended the ECC workshop in Bochum, Germany.


A poster from Jeff on incentivized mixing and a poster from Handan on consensus on clocks have been accepted at Financial Crypto 2020.


Alistair gave a presentation on Polkadot’s governance and participated in a panel at “the Governance on blockchain systems” meetup in Geneva, Switzerland.


Some members of the research and HR teams will present a recruitment talk for masters and PhD students at EPFL, Switzerland.


Alistair presented a poster session about the Grandpa finality gadget at the Conference on Computer and Communications Security (CSS) in London.


Alfonso and Syed hosted a 3 hour Thinktank session about Polkadot in Paris, organized by LaBChain and hosted by Caisse des Dépôts.


Fatemeh gave a talk titled ‘Decentralization and privacy’ and Alfonso gave a talk introducing Polkadot’s at a Web3 meetup.


Alistair will be participating in panel at an event on cross-app communication organized by Near protocol right after Devcon 5.


At Devcon day 1, Fatemeh will give a short presentation about Polkadot’s needs for p2p. On day 4, Alistair will give a devcon talk on our availabiltiy and validity scheme. Also on day 4, Alfonso will give a short presentation about governenace.


Alistair gave a talk at the NodeTokyo 2019 about our NPoS solution.


Alistair’s poster on GRANDPA has been accepted as an ACM CCS poster and will be pesented in CCS‘19 in London.


Alistair will be giving a number of talks in China in the next two weeks.


Handan wrote a paper describing the relevant time technique used in Polkadot’s block production protocol BABE with the title: “Ouroboros Clepsydra: Ouroboros Praos in Universally Composable Relative Time Model” that will be shortly available online.


Syed and Alfonso will hold an exercise session for Polkadot’s bridge design in Copenhagen Blockchain Summer School. In addition, Alfonso will be giving a talk at the Nordic Blockchain Summit 2019.


Alistair, Fatemeh, and Jeff are in Berlin for our networking workshop with Parity.


Alistair gave a number of talks focusing on Polkadot’s Validity and Avalibility scheme in Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou, and Chengzhu during Polkadot China tour in July.


Fatemeh is PC member for CBT 2019.